Premium Materials

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Composite

Composite Material

In this corner, the middleweight chip champion of the chip world. The chip that put us on the map. Undefeated and standing tall at about 1.5 inches (40 millimeters). Weighing a hefty 12 grams, we mass-product this chip in 12 common colors and 4 edge pattern styles. 31 millimeters of the front and back faces (about 75% of the face) are customizable in full-color. We print directly to the chips and add your choice of matte or clear finish to the top to seal in the print.

And in this corner, the Clay

Clay Material

Barely making the weight limit and weighing in at 13.5 grams, the Clay Poker Chip is slightly heavier and softer than the Composite. Designed to be used in gaming, it has a smaller printable area (25 millimeters vs. 31 millimeters) which allows for for better stacking but makes it less desirable as say a promotional poker chip business card. There are 3 clay edge patter styles and all of them are 3-toned (more colors on the edges). If you plan to publish a short story in poker chip format, we recommend the Composite over this chip.

Which material should I choose?