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1000 Chip Clear Poker Chip Carrier
1000 Chip Clear Poker Chip Carrier

1000 Chip Clear Poker Chip Carrier

About 1000 Chip Clear Poker Chip Carrier

This "bird cage" style carrier holds 1000 chips in 10 x 100 chip acrylic trays (trays not included). The included trays hold our normal clay poker chips. You can also use it for our ceramic poker chips. but you'll need to order those trays separately as they are a higher grade material and have slightly shorter barrels to fit the chips perfectly.

  • Made with durable acrylic material
  • Most convenient way to move 1000 chips


  • 10"L x 8"W x 13"H

5 out of 5 based on 14 reviews

Ships in 1 business day
If ordered by 3PM MST
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    Low 25 Chip Minimum Order

Our best value poker chip. Shut yo face.

Full-color, direct-to-chip printing on our best value poker chip. These Composite Poker Chips are great for both promotional and poker uses. They weigh 12 grams and have a large printable area. We have been making this style of chip for a long time now and it remains our popular chip style.

1000 Chip Clear Poker Chip Carrier

Styles for Everyone

We pride ourselves on the extensive range of customization options we offer. Choose from 12 vibrant colors, including all the classic gaming shades and more, across four unique edge pattern styles. All of our composite poker chip edge patterns are rendered in contrasting white, except for the solid edge style, which boasts the chip's primary color uninterrupted.

Product Specifications
  • Diameter

Protective Coatings

In production, a coating is applied in liquid form to the poker chips and exposed to ultraviolet light. This light bonds the coating and dries it instantly, creating a protective barrier. Matte is our default option and what we recommend if you don’t want your chips to be “shiny”. There’s no glare and the chips stack better because the gloss will make them slightly slippier. Choose Glossy if you want photos to "pop" a bit more. Metallic effects and photos will usually look a little sharper with this option.

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Reviews (14)

Awesome and no problems as

Awesome and no problems as usual ... on-time, reliable and durable product

Written by John S.

Chips are awesome! Super fast

Chips are awesome! Super fast production and shipping, can’t wait to put them in action. Great customer service!

Written by Daniel P.

As advertised, Chiplab always great

As advertised, Chiplab always great to buy from

Written by Scott S.
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