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Designing Custom Poker Chips

Generally speaking, if your chips do not look pixelated or blurry on the screen, they will most likely look very nice in real life once made.

Can I get Free Samples?

Can you send me free samples?

Yes! Our free sample packs include several real chips and the packs show every finish and color option we sell. Sample packs ship every day and they only take 2-3 days to arrive.

Get Free Samples

Can I get a single sample chip with my design made?

It takes us about 30 minutes to send any design through pre-press and print it.  It takes us the same amount of time to make 25 chips and since we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee there is little risk in putting in a 25 chip minimum order. If you don’t like the chips when they arrive, we will fix it or refund the order.

However, if you place a large order (1000 chips or more), you can get a free chip made with your design on it and sent to you overnight for free. Once an order is placed, please request a “prototype” chip to be sent to you overnight (just Contact Us here with your order number). 

Design Details

What size is the printable area of your poker chips?

The printable area is 33.5mm (1.32 inches) for Clay Composite Poker Chips and 25.4mm (1inch) for Clay Poker Chips

What is your minimum font size?

We recommend not going below a 6 point font size. We can technically print smaller, but it sure hard to see 5 point or smaller text on a poker chip.

What if my image looks pixelated or blurry on my chip?

If it looks blurry on the screen, it will likely print blurry. We are happy to take a peek at your Saved Design if you Contact Us. We can tell right away if it’s going to work or not.

What DPI do you print at?

600 DPI in almost all cases.

What file types can I upload to my chip?

All standard “image” file types are accepted like JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, etc..  You should also be able to upload vector files such as .AI, vector PDF, or .EPS files but sometimes our uploader does fail depending on how the files are saved.  If you hit a snag, please Contact Us and we’ll get it resolved.

Can you print photos?

Yep, photos print nicely to poker chips.  Just keep in the mid the print area is small relative to normal photo print out so where a face might print great it may be hard to make out some details in a large family photo.

Can I put serial numbers or QR codes on my chip?

Yes you can, but it’s a bit tricky to do using our design tool.  Please design your chip and save it, then Contact Us and we will “set up” the numbering the way you like. 

Do you have designs I can use?

We offer hundreds of templates that we build ourselves based on customer demand.  You can see some here. We’re happy to tweak any design as well to help you get a chip designed exactly the way you want it.

Do you have templates available if I don't want to use your designer?

Yes we do. Here are some templates for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator that you might find useful.

8-Stripe Clay Composite Poker Chip Template (Download PSD)

Clay Poker Chip Template (Download PSD)

Coming soon!


Can you color match my artwork to the color of your chips?

Yes we can. The following table shows the associated “RGB Hex” value for each chip color.  For example, the Red Clay Composite Poker Chip is made to match Pantone 186C which is roughly equivalent to RGB# c8102e (200,16,46). 

Chip Color Pantone RGB Hex
White ffffff
Red 186 C c8102e
Blue 2935 C 0057b8
Green 355 C 009639
Black 000000
Purple 267 C 5f259f
Yellow 012 C ffe843
Grey 429 C a2aaad
Orange 151 C ff8200
Ivory 7499 C f1e6b2
Light Blue 297 C 71c5e8
Pink 189 C f8a3bc
Brown 730 C 9e652e

Chip Color Pantone Color 1 Main Pantone Color 2 Edge Spot Pantone Color 3 Edge Spot
Pink 212 C Pink 7488 C Bright Green 267 C Purple
White White 2935 C Blue 429 C Grey
Orange 151 C Orange 2184 C Blue 355 C Green
Red 186C Red 297 C Light Blue 012 C Yellow
Blue 2935 C Blue 9C Cool Grey White
Green 7488 C Bright Green 151 C Orange 267 C Purple
Black Black 429 C Grey 136 C Yellow/Orange
Purple 267 C Purple 2572 C Purple 7488 C Bright Green
Yellow 012 C Yellow 186C Red Black
Grey 429 C Grey 730 C Brown 134 C Yellow
Chip Color Hex Color 1 Hex Color 2 Hex Color 3
Pink f04e98 78d64b 5f259f
White ffffff 0057b7 a2aaad
Orange ff8200 0084d4 009639
Red c8102e 71c5e8 ffd700
Blue 0057b7 75787b ffffff
Green 78d64b ff8200 5f249f
Black black a2aaad ffbf3f
Purple 5f259f c98bdb 78d64b
Yellow FFD700 c8102e black
Grey a2aaad 9e652e fdd26e

Can you tweak upload my artwork to the chip for me?

Yes, please Contact Us 9-5pm Mountain Time and if you have saved a design or added it to cart we can see it and help tweak it. If we’re closed you can send us what you have and we’ll work on it the following morning.

How do I increase the resolution of my artwork?

For best print quality, we recommend uploading vector artwork or high resolution images at 300 PPI or better. All of our design templates are made primarily in vector format so those elements will always print perfectly.  If you are designing Photoshop, check your resolution by selecting Image > Image Size…

Photoshop Image Size to Set Resolution


We technically print at 600 DPI, however, any quality you have over 300 PPI is “good enough”.  Since our “print area’ is between 1 and 1.5 inches on all of our chips, that pretty much means any “pixel” image you have over 800 pixels is more than adequate to guarantee a perfect print (800 pixels / 1.5 inches gives us a  500+ PPI).  Bottom line: if it doesn’t look pixelated on your screen, it’s going to print just fine on a poker chip.

Can I request a change after I approve my proof?

We move pretty fast to get new orders out the door ASAP.  If you made a mistake please Contact Us as soon as possible and we’ll try and get it fixed before production begins. 

Can you print neon colors?

Not really.  We do use special inks to hit some neon colors well, but generally speaking we will not be able to print neon colors.

Extra Stuff

Can I upload vector artwork to my chips?

Yes, you can upload .AI and vector PDFs.  We struggle a little with some EPS files.  If you have an EPS that won’t upload please Contact Us and “Attach a file”.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 2.07.44 PM.png

What is the difference between Vector and Raster artwork?

There are two types of image files: Raster and Vector.  Vector images are made with a program like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape and we see this primarily for logos and text.  It’s a “lossless” format so it’s technically perfect for printing, however,  or printing on poker chips, it doesn’t matter very much if you don’t have a vector available. If you have a vector file available though you should use it.  Our designer will allow you upload the vector in most cases.

What's the difference between RGB and CMYK?

RGB is what our computer monitors use to display color.  Color light basically is used to make what we see.  Our goal is to then print using CMYK inks to best match what you see on your screen. You can upload either CMYK or RGB files to our designer and it will do it’s best to show you what it will look like when printed.  So, if it looks good on your screen it should print very close to that color on the physical chip.  We spend a lot of time on “color management” to make sure what arrives to you matches what you see on the screen. Caveat: if you have an old monitor or it’s wildly out of calibration that is a problem as what you see will not be what we see. If that’s the case, you may want to stick to our templates.

Can you print Pantone colors?

Not really.  If you call out a “Spot Color” like a Pantone to us though we will do as best we can.  We can guarantee about a 90% color match.

Updated on November 15, 2018

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