Using ChipLab Designs

I didn't inherit the designer gene. How can I make sure my chips look great?

Templates!  We employ professional graphic designers to make thoughtful templates primarily for common uses we see our chips being used for: poker, promotional, golf, wedding, and drink token uses. All you need to do is add your details (hopefully) to make one of our templates work well for you.

Customizable Clay Composite Poker Chip Designs

Customizable Clay Poker Chip Designs

Can I put my own design on the back of one of your templates?

Yes you can. Most of the Templates have the same front as back but you can edit each side independently by clicking between the Front and Back buttons in the Designer.

Different Fronts & Backs

I want to upload my own image but there is already one on the chip!

Never fear, that is just the “Sample Image”. You can click on it and use the “Delete” button on the tool (or clicking the delete key on your keyboard should do the trick). Then upload your image. You may have to right click and “Send to Back” if you are trying to put the image behind some other element on the template.

Can I mix and match from different ChipLab Templates?

Not yet, but this will be possible sometime early in 2019.


Updated on November 15, 2018

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