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Mix & Match Colors or Designs

Can I mix and match designs and colors and still get Bulk Pricing?

Yes you can.  Our pricing site-wide is based on “Total Chips Ordered“.

Consider a common “poker set” scenario where a customer wants 300 total chips but requires 150 white, 100 red, 25 green, and 25 black chips (300 total).  The designs can all be different and the price for this 300 total chips is the same as if you ordered 300 white chips with the same design.

Minimum of 25 Chips

There is a minimum order of 25 chips per unique design/color though. So you can mix/match 25 with 75, for example, to get a total of 100 chips and get the 100+ pricing but you can’t do 90 and 10 chips.

Updated on November 15, 2018

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