Using my own designs

Using my own designs

Recommended PPI

When uploading photos and images, we recommend using 300 PPI images or higher. If we’re talking strictly pixels, anything over 600×600 is going to look nice. If it doesn’t look pixelated on the screen it will print just fine.

General Design FAQs

Here’s a little checklist to guarantee the perfect print:

  1. Use vector images if possible for text and logos.  If you don’t know what that means though, don’t worry about it.  Your chips will print fine as long as they don’t look pixelated on the screen.
  2. Use fonts that a 5 points or higher.  If it’s barely readable on the computer try and imagine what it will look like on a 1.5 inch diameter poker chip.
  3. Try and avoid dark text on dark backgrounds or light text on light backgrounds.  The more contrast you have, the easier it is for humans to read.
Updated on November 15, 2018

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