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Our Story

Image above is what '' looked like in 2006

ChipLab ( was born in 2006 as ‘’ with a goal of simplifying the process of customizing poker chips. Seventeen years and nearly 30 million poker chips later, our passion for crafting the finest poker chips remains and customizers use our chips for all sorts of things (promotional business card chips, golf ball markers, drink tokens, and military challenge chips, to name a few).

At that time, websites were starting up that focused on t-shirt customization and business cards, but nothing all that focused on small, double-sided, round things. So in a nutshell, we’re just trying to make it easier to design little round things.

The Problem

We thought this would be a fairly easy problem to solve at the time, but unlike a sticker, business card, or a t-shirt, where a customer normally wants to just upload a logo to one side and be done with it. What we learned was poker chip designs can get very complex. They’re coolest when you can have unique edge patterns, borders, images, etc. on each chip. And great would it be if the back could be different from the front. Want to make a full set of chips? Oh my, now we have to deal with lots of different colors of chips and allow for every chip to have a separate design entirely! So here we are, almost 20 years later, and we’re still working on this problem working to make the product and experience better.

The Team

Our team is filled with amazing people focused solely on this goal. Our Production, Customer Service, Engineering, and Marketing Teams are located at 6586 S Kenton St in Centennial Colorado. From designing the molds, developing the software, to actualling printing the chips, we keep almost all of it in house as possible to ensure the best possible product is shipped on time. Also, if something does go wrong, we can fix it ourselves right away (Our Satisfaction Guarantee).

We always love to hear feedback that can help us improve and give you an even better experience. So feel free to shoot us an email or leave a comment with your next order and we'll make sure to give it careful consideration.