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At ChipLab, we proudly manufacture and sell two distinct types of poker chips: Composite Poker Chips and Clay Poker Chips. Given the range of ways companies can market their chips, we strongly recommend purchasing our $1 Sample Pack (inclusive of shipping) for an up-close comparison. Interestingly, our Composite Poker Chips are akin to the Clay Poker Chips of our major competitors. The nuances are best understood by examining our samples side by side with theirs.

Traditionally, Clay Poker Chips are crafted from a blend of materials, including clay and silicates (sand), through a process known as compression molding. This procedure involves placing the material in a mold, which is then heated and pressurized to allow the material to adopt the shape of the mold. This is how we achieve the intricate designs and patterns on the edges of the chips. However, in contemporary parlance, "clay" poker chips are usually made from a form of moldable plastic known as "clay composite." Our objective is to replicate the feel and sound of the older, more traditional clay chips, but at less than a third of the price of a compression molded chip. The renowned Paulson brand, known for supplying chips to casinos worldwide, is one of the most recognized manufacturers of compression molded chips, which can cost over $3 per chip.

We realize this can all seem quite confusing! That's why we offer our Sample Pack for just $1, despite the actual costs for production and shipping being significantly higher. Our experience shows that once customers have the chance to see and feel our chips for themselves, they practically sell themselves!

Composite Material

Our Composite Poker Chips at ChipLab are intentionally designed for simplicity, featuring a base color with a white edge pattern. They're our most cost-effective option, making them an excellent choice for gaming and promotional use. We design these chips with a larger printable area and a slightly smaller edge pattern to facilitate use in a wide variety of promotional scenarios.

Clay Material

In contrast, ChipLab's Clay Poker Chips typically feature a base color along with secondary and tertiary colors. This color distinction primarily helps differentiate chips in a Texas Holdem' poker pot. These chips are made with a softer material, and their edges are 'milled' to higher precision requirements. As a result, they're generally flatter and stack more efficiently due to these higher molding tolerances. The edge pattern occupies more space than on our Composite chips, and the almost perfect flatness ensures excellent stacking capabilities. Given these factors, our Clay Poker Chips are priced higher than our Composite chips. They represent a more premium selection for poker and gaming use.