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Numbering and Variable Data Print (VDP)

Numbering and Variable Data Print (VDP)

Paul Hachmang
June 15

In an era where personalization reigns supreme, it's all about creating bespoke experiences and unique offerings for your customers. At ChipLab, we offer a powerful solution that perfectly embodies this concept: variable data printing (VDP) on poker chips. VDP allows us to print unique data on each chip based on a spreadsheet you provide us with. From simple sequential numbering to complex QR code integrations, VDP opens up a myriad of innovative applications for your business.

Please note that due to the added complexity, VDP projects may increase the total cost by approximately 10-15%, as they require more intricate printer configurations. In this article, we explore the diverse ways our customers utilize VDP on chips to deliver unique, targeted offers.

Sequential Numbering: Security and Tracking

Primarily implemented for high-value chips worth $5,000 or more, sequential numbering acts as a 'serial number' for each chip. This technique aids in maintaining accurate inventory, crucial for establishments like casinos for stringent security reasons. But its use isn't confined to this alone. Sequential numbering like 'AC-1001' can also help businesses monitor the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns. Distributing differently sequenced chips at numerous trade shows, for instance, can provide valuable insights into the efficacy of each token campaign.

Numbering: Reward Programs

Another use we see a lot of is numbering for tokens used for employee reward programs. Companies can distribute uniquely numbered poker chips as tokens of recognition for their employees' hard work, achievements, or milestones. These tokens can be redeemed in the company's online or offline store, making the recognition tangible and exciting. By numbering each chip uniquely using VDP, companies can ensure the security and integrity of their reward system, preventing misuse while simultaneously keeping track of redemptions. This personalized approach adds an element of exclusivity to the reward, boosting employee morale and fostering a stronger sense of loyalty and belonging within the organization.

Coupon Codes: Driving Online Engagement

For businesses that straddle both the online and offline world, creating seamless customer experiences can be challenging. One solution? Custom poker chips featuring unique discount codes. Whether these codes are explicit or encoded within a QR code, they act as a powerful driver, encouraging offline customers to visit your online store.

QR Codes: Bridging Physical Events and Online Traffic

With the omnipresence of QR codes today, a custom poker chip embellished with a unique QR code becomes a tangible link between physical events and online traffic. For instance, one of our customers uses chips with QR codes to drive traffic to a specific online offer for a high-converting PDF.

QR Codes: Bridging Physical Events and Online Traffic

Variable Data Printing on poker chips offers an inventive way to elevate your marketing and promotional efforts, ensuring each chip is not just a token but a tailored experience for the recipient. Whether it's sequential numbering for inventory management, unique coupon codes to bridge online-offline engagement, or QR codes to generate web traffic from physical events, the possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

Ready to take your poker chip customization to the next level with VDP? Visit ChipLab today and explore the full potential of Variable Data Printing on our premium poker chips.

Personalized Keepsakes for Special Occasions

One unique and heartwarming way to utilize variable data printing (VDP) on poker chips is to create personalized keepsakes for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate milestones.

Consider a wedding, for example. Each poker chip can be customized with the guest's name, the date of the wedding, and a heartfelt message or quote. This unique token becomes a lasting reminder of the special day, a souvenir that guests can keep for years to come. Additionally, these chips could serve dual purposes - acting as placeholders at the dining table and a favor for guests to take home.

For corporate milestones, the chips can be customized with the employee's name, the date, and the specific achievement or anniversary being celebrated. This unique memento could serve as a symbol of the company's appreciation for their employees' dedication and hard work, promoting a sense of belonging and motivation among the team.

Variable data printing ensures each poker chip is unique to the recipient, enhancing the sense of connection and making the occasion even more memorable.

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