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Gunmetal Poker Case
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Gunmetal Poker Case

Are you tired of flimsy poker cases that feel like they'd fold faster than your grandma's poker face? Well, step right up! We peeked, poked, and were not impressed by the storage ruckus for poker chips out there. So, we rolled up our sleeves and crafted our own: The Gunmetal Poker Powerhouse.

4.8 out of 5 based on 101 reviews

Chip Capacity
100 Chips
100 Chips
300 Chips
300 Chips
500 Chips
500 Chips

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What a chonker.

This case boasts sizes from 100 to the jackpot-worthy 1000 chips. For example, the 500 Chip Case boasts a sturdy 7 lb frame—more than twice as heavy as those feather-light aluminum wannabes—and locking latches fit for Fort Knox. Inside, you'll find luxe wood molded chip trays, and a rubber-lined handle, all wrapped up in a distracting (strategically, of course) sleek gunmetal gray. And as a cherry on top? Black aluminum bumpers on each corner because, let's face it, even poker cases deserve bodyguards. With space for chips, two decks of cards, and dice, you're all set. 

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Choose the best case size

The 300 chip size is great for up to 6-8 players (chips needed). The 500 chip size is the way to go if you have about 10 players. If you're frugal with the chips though, you can still get a nice game going with just 100 chips which is why we offer that size. It makes a great gift set size for 4-5 total players.

Product Specifications
  • Material
  • Ships
  • Available Sizes
    100 Chip Case300 Chip Case500 Chip Case
  • Weight
    100 Chip Size - 1 lb empty, 5 lbs loaded300 Chip Size - 5 lbs empty, 15 lbs loaded500 Chip Size - 8 lbs empty, 24 lbs loaded
  • Dimensions
    100 Chip Size - 9" W x 8 3/4" H x 4" D300 Chip Size - 15 3/8" W x 9" H x 4" D500 Chip Size - 22" W x 8" H x 4" D

Reviews (101)

An excellent finish to keep the set of clay poker chips and cards in order ...

Ordering online (from Japan) was so easy & clear. The staff were gracious and always keen to help. They made everything easy to follow and simple to do. So, I could design the poker chips confidently (I'm no expert) and I could easily know what I needed to order with their help. The delivery was perfectly timed. Everything was smooth sailing from go to whoa. I can't wait to make another great reason to order more poker chips from Chiplab. And the cool, stylish Gunmetal Poker Case with our name on it, was just the icing on the cake!! BRAVO! ... So, who's dealing next?!

Written by Vanessa Yamaguchi

The quality of print in

The quality of print in chips can be better.

Written by Niloufar M.

Looks awesome, holds 525 Monte

Looks awesome, holds 525 Monte Carlo poker chips.

Written by Allan D.
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